Our commitment since 1991.

Lucy’s Kitchen & Market specializes in hand crafted ravioli and creative meal solutions. We stock carefully selected items to round out any meal including fresh breads, cheeses, olives, and baked goods. All this in addition to our extensive catering menu.


We make all of our pasta and ravioli with only fresh, natural ingredients: enriched semolina wheat, eggs, water and salt. Our fillings are made with fresh vegetables, eggs, cheese, seafood, herbs and spices. Lucy’s never uses preservatives, filler bases or processed food substitutes. Small batches to ensure freshness and quality in all of our products.


Lucy’s makes every effort to use locally sourced ingredients, ensuring you get the freshest, highest quality, best tasting product. As seasons change we adjust our menu accordingly, using produce at the peak of freshness.


This has been our commitment since 1991.

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